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Services & Pricing:

Head Lice Treatment & Removal:

$149.00 per person (this includes follow-up head check in 7 days following treatment)

Family pricing (4 or more individuals):

$134.00 per person (this includes the follow up head check in 7 days following)

Infant (0-2yrs) Head Lice Treatment & Removal:

$50.00 per person

Head Lice Check:

$20.00 per person (This fee is waived if the individual(s) need treatment and removal)

Diagnostic lice checks at day cares, schools, and camps. *Call for group pricing*

Other services (free of charge)

  • Lice education seminars
  • Phone consultations for schools, public health professionals, and parents

Prevention Products:

  • Mint Shampoo: $21
  • Mint Conditioner: $21
  • Mint Spritz: $18
  • Prevention Duo (Includes shampoo, conditioner & spray): $49
  • Terminator Combs: $16

About our prevention products: Our products are mint based (mint is a natural deterrent for lice) and free of chemicals/toxins. They are also lab tested for effectiveness on a yearly basis. A fun fact, once you have lice once you are more prone to getting it again. This means prevention going forward is key!